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Lab Storage Bins

Lab storage bins offer a convenient and reliable solution for keeping, organizing, and transporting samples, specimens, instruments, supplies, and more. Portable lab equipment storage is great for research labs, clinical labs, pharmaceutical facilities, educational institutions, and—of course—out in the field.

At M2 Scientifics, we offer lab organizer bins made from extremely durable polycarbonate material. These lab bins are built to withstand the rigors of daily use and are autoclavable, allowing for easy sterilization and decontamination when necessary. They’re also equipped with a water-tight silicone seal, ensuring a secure and leakproof closure.

The lids of our lab storage bins open a full 180° for convenient loading and unloading of samples and supplies. The carry handles even fold neatly into the lid, allowing for seamless stacking of multiple bins to maximize the use of your space. Our lab storage systems are available in a variety of colors, providing not only visually appealing organization but also a practical way to check sample integrity both during use and right before opening.

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