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Lab homogenizers are essential devices used in scientific and research laboratories to homogenize, mix, and disrupt samples for various applications. Homogenizer machines work by applying mechanical force and energy to samples, resulting in the breakdown of cell walls, tissues, and particles. This process ensures uniform mixing and dispersion, leading to accurate and consistent results in downstream applications.

At M2 Sci, you'll find a wide range of high-quality homogenization units designed to facilitate efficient and effective sample processing. These include paddle blenders for gentle mixing of delicate samples, ball/bead mills for grinding and pulverizing a wide range of materials, and ultrasonic homogenizers for DNA extraction, protein extraction, and nanoparticle dispersion. We carry lab homogenizers from trusted brands such as Benchmark Scientific, OHAUS, and IKA—ensuring the equipment you purchase meets your highest expectations.

Our lab homogenizers are available in various volume ranges, from 15 to 50 mL, allowing you to process small to medium-sized samples. They offer speed ranges from 300 to 30,000 rpm, providing flexibility for different sample types and applications. The temperature range typically spans from ambient to 65 degrees Celsius, allowing for controlled and optimized homogenization conditions. Our lab homogenizers come in two materials: stainless steel and titanium alloy, providing options to suit your specific sample requirements. Shop today to enhance your laboratory workflows with high-quality homogenization machines for reliable and consistent sample processing.

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