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Globe Scientific Delphi-X Observer for Anatomopathology, Trinocular Microscope, SWF 10x/25mm

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The Delphi-X Observer is an advanced microscope designed for cutting-edge applications in life sciences. This state-of-the-art instrument delivers exceptional optical performance, offering a 25mm field of view and a high numerical aperture of the plan 60mm parfocal EIS objectives. With this microscope, you can achieve perfect observations with outstanding color rendering and high resolving power.

The enhanced infinity system (EIS) of the Delphi-X Observer consists of Super wide field SFWF 10x25mm eyepieces, high numerical aperture 60mm parfocal objectives and a 200mm focal length tube lens. The 200mm focal length tube lens reduces the angle of the light rays passing the optics resulting in a significantly improved chromatic aberration corrections and contrast. The larger diameter objectives enable higher numerical apertures improving the overall resolving power of the optical system.


  • Trinocular model allows for simultaneous viewing and image capture
  • Sextuple reversed nosepiece with slot for optional DIC prism(s): Offers versatility for advanced imaging techniques
  • Super wide field SWF 10x/25mm eyepieces with Ø 30mm tubes provide comfortable and immersive viewing experience
  • Enhanced infinity corrected EIS optical system delivers superior optical performance and clarity
  • 60mm parfocal plan EIS objectives with M25 objective thread mounting ensures consistent focus and easy objective interchangeability
  • 3W NeoLED™ illumination offers bright and efficient lighting for your observations
  • Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) enables enhanced visualization of transparent specimens
  • iCare sensor promotes energy efficiency during microscope operation
  • Integrated carrying grip and tool holder
  • CE certified
  • 10-year warranty
10 year manufacturer's warranty
Trinocular 30º Siedentopf. 47-78mm interpupillary, +/-5mm adjustment on both eyepieces tube. Vertical tuve light path 100/0 - 80/20 - 0/100
60mm parafocal, Plan Achromatic 4x/0.10, 10x/0.25, 20x/0.40 and S40x/0.65 oil immersion infinity corrected EIS objectives
190x152mm. XY 78x32mm. Scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass
Height adjustment ABBE swing-out A.N. 0,90/1.25 iris diaphragm and slot for sliders (PH or DF)
3W NeoLed™ Koehler and push-in/out neutral density filter
Coaxial coarse and fine adjustment, 100 graduations, 1µm precision, 100μm per rotation, total travel range is approximately 35mm
Care Sensor:
iCare Sensor is developed to avoid unnecessary loss of energy, illumination automatically switches off shortly after microscopists step away
Package Contents:
Supplied with power cords, dust cover, a spare fuse, user manual and 5mL immersion oil. All packed in a polystyrene box
Globe Scientific
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