Accuris E5001-SD SmartDoc 2.0 Imaging and Gel Visualization Enclosure

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Accuris E5001-SD SmartDoc 2.0 Gel Imaging Enclosure

The SmartDoc Imaging Enclosure can be used on most existing UV or visible blue light transilluminators. An orange photo filter is included for photography of the gels when using a visible blue light transilluminator for stain excitation. For imaging gels on a UV transilluminator, there are 2 optional photo filters available: 535 nm filter for imaging green stains on UV light, or 590 nm filter for imaging EtBr on UV light.

The geometry of the top platform and the filters are designed and optimized for electrophoresis gel imaging with a smartphone camera. The SmartDoc is compatible with all of the most common smart phone cameras including iPhone™, Samsung™, LG™, HTC™, and more. Gel images can then be easily transferred to a PC for further analysis and storage.

An extending adapter is included with the enclosure and can be inserted for full dimension imaging of gels up to 15 x 15 cm. Or remove the adapter for close up pictures or smaller gels.

When using the SmartDoc enclosure on transilluminators with a large illuminating surface (exceeding 19 x 19 cm), use E5000-MAT to block light around the edge.

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