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Accuris E4500-LD SmartGlow Loading Dye with Safe Green Stain

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Accuris SmartGlow LD Loading Dye

The SmartGlow loading dye DNA stain is formulated at 6x concentration which means it can be added directly to your sample. This makes creating electrophoresis gels simple as no dye needs to be added to the gel or running buffer. SmartGlow LD fluoresces green when bount to dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA and excitation occurs with both UV and blue light illuminators.

Protocol for SmartGlow LD

  • Prepare agarose for polyacrylamide solution.
  • Pour gels.
  • Mix SmartGlow LD with samples and DNA markers at a 1:5 (dye to sample) dilution.
  • After electrophoresis is complete, view the gel using a UV or blue light illuminator

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