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Balances & Scales

Lab balances and scales are essential tools used to measure the mass or weight of substances and samples with high precision and accuracy. They are typically used in various scientific and research settings, including pharmaceutical, chemical, environmental, and quality control labs. Laboratory balances play a crucial role in a wide range of applications, such as sample preparation, formulation, quality assurance, research, and experimentation.

At M2 Scientifics, we take pride in offering lab balances and scales from some of the most trusted brands in the weighing industry, including Adam Equipment, OHAUS, Radwag, and Globe Scientific. These brands are renowned for their commitment to quality, precision, and innovation, ensuring that the lab balances and scales you choose meet the highest industry standards. We carry a wide variety of scientific weighing equipment to cater to any and all weighing needs, from analytical and precision balances to moisture analyzers and mass comparators. Our lab balances and scales come in a wide range of readability and capacities, providing versatility to handle various weighing tasks. We offer intrinsically safe scales for use in hazardous environments, as well as NTEP-certified scales for legal-for-trade applications.

Additionally, our scales are available with NIST-traceable calibration services to ensure measurement accuracy and compliance with industry standards. To further support your weighing needs, we carry a large selection of scale parts and accessories, including load cells, calibration weights, weighing dishes, scale indicators, power supplies, scale carts, and anti-vibration tables. Explore our collection today to find the perfect lab balances and scales to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your weighing processes.

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