MTC Bio C4040 SureStrain 40 um Cell Strainer

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  • MTC Bio C4040 SureStrain 40 um Cell Strainer
  • MTC Bio C4040 SureStrain 40 um Cell Strainer


MTC Bio SureStrain™ 40 μm Premium Cell Strainer System

MTC Bio created a simple and fast solution when designing the SureStrain™ cell strainer system. These strainers fit 50 mL tubes and 15 mL tubes with the included adapter. Each strainer is comprised of a polypropylene frame and nylon mesh that is ideal for detaching, isolating, and straining primary cells from tissues to create single-cell suspensions. SureStain™ cell strainers are color-coded for quick identification of pore size with the 40 μm filters being blue in color. Improved aeration and ventilation allows air to move freely, helping to prevent spillovers and the "air-lock" effect. SureStrain™ strainers produce a filtrate with a maximized flow in cytometers and separation columns.

Each cell strainer is gamma ray sterilized and sealed in a special blister packaging that allows the strainer to be removed without the sterility of the mesh being compromised. Molded grips and a unique shape eliminates contamination risks from finger contact of the filtered suspension, mesh, and interior surfaces. All cell strainers are RNase-free, DNase-free, and pyrogen-free.

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