M2 MRO Coming Soon


M2 Scientifics is pleased to announce the addition of a new division, M2 MRO. M2 MRO is expected to launch by the end of Q1 2020. An exact date isn't yet available. The new division will represent M2 Scientifics' drive to provide more value, more options and more solutions for you, our valued customer. It will operate under M2 Scientifics, doing business as M2 MRO, and will feature a exciting new website, brands and products. As an MRO supplier, M2 MRO will provide a wide range of equipment and supplies for professionals across many industries including construction, manufacturing, quality control, inspection, maintenance and more.

Make M2 Scientifics your go-to for scientific supplies, equipment and soon, industrial products! Stay tuned for more news on M2 MRO.