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Glass Beakers

glass lab beaker

Looking for quality glass beakers for your laboratory or educational purposes? Look no further! M2 Scientifics offers a wide selection of glass beakers from trusted brands like Globe Scientific, Borosil and Eisco Scientific. Glass beakers are essential tools in laboratories, research facilities, and educational institutions. These versatile vessels are designed to hold, mix, and heat liquids, making them indispensable for various scientific applications. Glass beakers offer exceptional durability, thermal resistance, and chemical inertness. Be sure to review the specifications found on our product pages to ensure compatibility with your intended use.


Glass beakers come in a range of sizes, catering to diverse experimental requirements. From small-scale laboratory experiments to large-scale industrial applications, there is a beaker to suit every need. They are also available in various shapes, such as low form, tall form, and Griffin beakers, each offering unique advantages for specific tasks.


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