Accuris qMAX One-Step RT-qPCR Kits

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Accuris Hot Start Taq Polymerase Master Mix with Red Dye

Accuris qMAX™ One Step Kits allow for highly sensitive real time RT-qPCR assays to be performed directly from RNA templates. Workflows are simplified with optimized formulations of ready-to-use 2X qPCR master mix and reverse transcriptase.

Optimized buffer includes powerful RNase inhibitors and an extremely thermostable MMLV-derived reverse transcriptase enables robust first strand cDNA synthesis. Accuris Hot Start Taq uses an antibody mediated hot start mechanism allowing for sample preparation at room temperature. Only after an initial incubation at 95C will the Taq become active, so non-specific amplification is greatly reduced. An inert blue dye is included in the Taq master mix to help simplify pipetting and reduce errors.

Two versions of our One Step qPCR kits are available:

qMAX Green One Step kits incorporate our proprietary intercalating dye which exhibits higher fluorescent and lower PCR inhibition than other popular dyes such as SYBR.

qMAX Probe One Step kits are optimized for use with popular TaqMan, Scorpions, and molecular beacon probes.

Both One-Step Kits are compatible with standard and fast cycling protocols and provide increased sensitivity, speed and reproducibility for a broad range of samples and targets. The polymerase mix is available with different levels of ROX reference dye for compatability with all qPCR instruments.

  • RNA to cDNA to qPCR, in one tube
  • High purity enzyme formulation for enhanced stability and performance
  • Accuris Hot-Start Taq allows for preparation at room-temperature
  • Blue dye facilitates pipetting and visualization in plates
  • Compatible with all qPCR instruments
  • Available for green fluorescence or probe detection

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